Joshua Collins

Joshua P. Collins is the Chief Servant and Chief Innovation Officer for Consumer Financial Services, US (“CFS”) and all 20 of its global brands. Mr. Collins spends his day seeking guidance from God on how to be the best Leader that he can be to those who depend on him to lead CFS’s companies with EXTREME PASSION and EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY DEMAND.

Mr. Collins creates innovative ideas and solutions that make the world, and the lives of people, significantly better. Mr. Collins is the brainchild and steward of CFS’s entities, which focus on finance & insurance, software design and custom website design, natural supplements and fitness, success coaching via mentorship, marketing and consultation, and technology.

As the Chief Servant and Chief Innovation Officer, Mr. Collins understands that it is completely asinine to assume that he can accomplish the gargantuan task of successfully executing the various missions associated with each CFS entity without a strong team supporting him.

Therefore, Mr. Collins spends the majority of his time developing his Leaders and the staff who work under those Leaders in order to help each person because the greatest version of themselves and stop wasting time! (

“In life, you must choose your pain: either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”
Joshua P. Collins, 2005

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